As an ideally final step of the design process SM ENgineering is able to realize and provide style mock-up and prototypes, both for automotive and industrial field, matching every kind of quality requirements. The modellery uses high level professional tools:

CMS 5 axes milling machine in continuous, with Fanuc control system and 16 tools changes. Maximum milling dimensions mm 7000 (X), mm 3880 (Y) and mm 2200 (Z). The milling machine works with all kind of resins and with aluminium (only finishing)
Rambaudi 3 axes milling machine. Maximum milling dimensions mm 500 (X), 500 (Y) and mm 700 (Z). This tool is specially recommended for metal milling.
Tracers for prototype tests with floor built-in plateau. Dimensions mm 6000 x mm 3000.

Recently upgraded and enlarged, today the structure is in condition to realize prototype of every dimension, until a 1:1 scale car and more. Between the already done prototypes, we have interior mock-up parts, foams for automotive seats prototypes, carbon fiber bonnets and parts (also with aluminium mill inserts).